our purpose is to pave the way as a leading luxe-wellness brand by spreading our message of conscious living and empowering thought to women all over the globe.

emily edwards, co-founder/director, has been a designer in the fashion industry since 2006. during this time she worked for several prominent australian fashion brands, including yeojin bae, white suede and witchery. the debut HUNTR collection was the first collection edwards released under her own brand name. this collection sold throughout australia and germany and quickly became a recognised brand name across the social-sphere.


HUNTR’s brand evolution to HUNTRLND was the next logical progression for the company, in order to synergetically align with edwards' grand vision for the future. The re-brand has opened the way for HUNTRLND to reinvent itself into a leading luxe-wellness brand that is on a mission to promote conscious living all over the globe.


what is the HUNTRLND slogan “reinvent” all about? it means to reinvent your mind, body and soul. the HUNTRLND brand ethos is about continually reinventing yourself; learning and growing each day; living consciously; living with purpose and living with positivity and love.





We offer a size range of four different sizes. Please check your size carefully when making your purchase.

To find your relative size, refer to the size chart below.


6 34 2 6 81CM 61CM 91CM
8 36 4 8 86CM 66CM 96CM
10 38 6 10 91CM 71CM 101CM
12 40 8 12 96CM 76CM 106CM


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